Dog Friendly Places near Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles and surrounding areas like Long Beach are home to some wonderful dog parks and beaches that many local residents take advantage of on a daily basis. Whether you are looking for a scenic trail to take your dog for a peaceful walk, a dog run to give them some exercise time, a drinking fountain for cooling off or want to enjoy the views of the beach while letting your pooch run off-leash, LA has a perfect place for you to visit that won’t cost you a penny. is dedicated to visiting, photographing and reviewing these locations created and funded by the Recreation & Parks Department in the City of Los Angeles, CA. These parks were established to allow residents and man’s best friend to have a place to enjoy themselves, but there are also some official rules and safety guidelines that you should follow to ensure that these wonderful places will continue to be available in the future for everyone to use.

First-Time Dog Park Visitors
If your dog has never been in a public setting with a lot of other dogs, you will want to be cautious at first until they have a chance to get used to other animals to see how they will react. If you notice any signs of aggression from any pets involved, promptly remove your pet. However, try to visit these places initially during off-peak hours to get them acquainted with the new places and possibly so they can interact with a smaller number of dogs. Some places are more popular than others, so you may want to work your way up to the more popular locations, like the larger parks and most of the dog beaches.

Make sure you take a look at specific information for any park that you plan on visiting to find out what their rules are, especially for leashes. Some of the parks will have off-leash areas, but you may still need to use a leash to get to those areas. Other places will be require leashes in all locations. In most cases, a shorter leash is the best choice – 8 feet is a recommended length that allows you to keep your dog at a close distance to limit their interaction with other animals and plants when needed.

Have Fun!
Even though you need to take extra precautions and follow various laws when you go out with your canine friend, don’t forget that the reason you’re doing it is to have fun! There are so many wonderful things you can do and places you can go with your dog in the city of L.A. and other nearby places in California, so be sure to get out there and take advantage of them.

Dogs playing in the ocean at a Los Angeles beach

Learn about the many dog parks and beaches in Los Angeles, CA and also surrounding places of interest. Beyond your standard off-leash dog areas, there are many walking trails and other excellent local attractions in the same places as a lot of these parks making them a great day trip for your “best friend” and even your entire family.


When you visit city parks with your pet, you should always be concerned with their safety and even comfort away from your home. There are certain products that are highly recommended for traveling with your pooch, even short distance driving, that can make the ride much safer and even more convenient for you. You should also take care with your animal in public places to ensure that they do not get lost or even hurt by wild predators.

Dog Park Rules by L.A. Department of Parks & Recreation

All of the Los Angeles dog parks and beaches have specific rules that all dog owners must follow to visit these public places. It is important to learn and understand these regulations before visiting to avoid being fined and to ensure the safety of your pet. Following the laws will also help ensure that these parks exist for our enjoyment for many years to come.