Dog Walking with Leashes, Harnesses & Collars

No matter what type of activities you enjoy doing or places you love going with your dog, the one accessory that is an absolute must is a leash. Combined with a leash, you will also need to have a collar or harness for your canine friend.

Most people assume that dog leashes are just to keep your pet from running away, but there is honestly much more to it than that. Take a look at just some of the things that they can be used to accomplish.

  • Keep Dogs From Running Away – The most obvious use is going to a local park or just taking a walk around your neighborhood. You don’t want your pet to be able to run away, especially if something scares or excites them.
  • Obedience Training – When combined with the right type of training, they can be extremely effective is correcting behavior problems or simply teaching your dog to be obedient.
  • Safety From Wildlife & Man-Made Dangers – When you’re walking around outside, there are plenty of obstacles and even animals around that can cause harm to your canine friend. When you have close control over them, you can easily prevent them from coming into contact with these dangers.
  • Vehicle Travel Safety – Carriers are not enough for pets riding in a car. Harnesses have specialty designed seat belt systems for vehicles that can offer you peace of mind.
  • Protection From Other Potentially Aggressive Pets – At the local park you shouldn’t find any aggressive animals, but it is still important to have a leash on hand in case somebody does decide to bring one. This can allow you to easily get your animals out of harms way.

Leash Length Recommendations
There are a wide variety of leashes available that you can use with your dog, but you may have often wondered why there is such a variety and what length is best to use. Different types of situations can call for different kinds. Most people will initially buy a long leash. However, shorter leashes will give you more control, but the retractable kind can give you the flexibility of both options.

Obedience training also involves using short leashes to keep close control over your pet when you are teaching them to behave a particular way in various situations. When you’re out walking on trails in local parks with your dog, a length of eight feet is recommended. This gives your dog some movement room while still allowing you to keep firm control over them, which is extremely important because of the potential for wild animals and plants that can harm them.

Harness or Collar: Which to Choose
Depending on your intended use, a harness or collar may be a better pick for you and your dog. Collars are good to use for leash obedience training, but harnesses are often considered to be the best choice of the two for most purposes. The main downside to a collar is that is can choke, although this can be desirable to a certain degree during training it is usually not desired for every day usage.

Harnesses are very versatile allowing them to be used for leash walking and even for connection to safety restraint systems for cars. When you pull back on a leash connected to one, you’re applying pressure around the middle of the body instead of the neck. This actually allows for a lot of control while still keeping it comfortable for your pet.

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