GPS Tracking Collars & Tags for Dogs

One of the worst possible things that can happen to any pet is for them to get lost. Owners can spend hours driving around looking for them while calling out their name. They can post fliers all over the neighborhood and even at local dog parks to offer cash rewards. Unfortunately, most owners are simply left to wait around to find out whether they are OK, and sometimes that resolution never even comes.

Although missing dogs are a very common problem, especially for owners that frequently take them away from the house, there is something that you can do about it ahead of time to help ensure that your pet never becomes lost or can quickly be found if they do go missing. Too many owners wait until it is too late to be willing to do something and often end up spending much more than they could by taking preventative measures when they first get their dog. We’ve discussed a few of the important steps you can take to ensure your “best friend’s” safety.

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Dog GPS Tracking Collars
Many years ago, the only way you could keep a dog from running away was with ropes and chains. In recent years with modern technology, there are many more practical solutions that give both dogs and their owners much more freedom and security. GPS tracking devices are now extremely affordable and often a fraction of what most people will offer as a cash reward when they lose their pet.

One of the best and most reliable products is a device that you clip onto the collar that your dog already wears. You can set a boundary around your home and get alerts when your dog strays outside of it. In addition, you can go to your smartphone at any time to get their exact location – even when you are away from home! With this GPS collar, you can truly have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint your animal should they happen to get lost so you can easily find them.

A lot of owners will have tracking chips put in their dog at the vet. Unfortunately, these chips are NOT used to location a pet but rather to identify it. As a result, they can’t do anything in terms of helping you to find your dog if they go missing – they are more intended to prevent people from stealing animals. For anyone that goes to public places and especially parks / beaches with their dog, a tracking collar with real-time GPS abilities direct from your smartphone is an absolute must.

Identification & Vaccination Tags
Even if you have a GPS device, you still need to worry about one other thing – tags. Identification tags can help other people to realize that a dog is not a stray and to get in touch with you. The vaccination tags are important too because they can let others know that your animal may be OK to approach in the event that they do go missing.

There are two really good reasons why you need to make sure you have tags despite any other precautions you make take. First, electronics are not 100% reliable since they can break or simply run out of battery power. Second, it may be the law depending on where you live. Many cities require pets and especially large dogs to be licensed and tagged or else they risk being picked up and held by animal control. There is nothing worse than finding out your missing dog is at the shelter, and they won’t release your pet to you because they are not licensed and vaccinated – you can actually be required to pay to get your dog back! Again, simple precautions can help you completely avoid these problems though.

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