Hermon Dog Park Pictures and Owner Reviews

Hermon Dog Park
The sign at Hermon Dog Park in Los Angeles, CA
5568 Via Marisol
Los Angeles, CA 90042
7 days a week dawn to dusk
Main Features

  • Separate Fenced Off Areas for Small & Large Dogs
  • Shaded Sitting Areas
  • Doggy Water Fountains
  • Doggy Bag Dispensers
  • Quiet & Ideal for First-Time Dog Park Visitors

Official Sites
Hermon Park @ LA Parks & Rec
Friends of Hermon Dog Park

Nestled within the charming Arroyo Seco Park, nearby to Lincoln Heights, Highland Park and South Pasadena, is Hermon Dog Park. At 1.3 acres, it is divided into large and small dog, fenced off areas. It feels small, but the deceptively large, small dog run means that the park does not get the heavy traffic that some of the other L.A. dog parks suffer from. Each dog run offers a couple of tree-shaded sitting areas and a doggy water fountain.

The Arroyo Seco Park itself, offers a beautiful, tree-lined series of paths that border a grassy park, tennis courts and children’s play area. The Arroyo Seco cement riverbed that links Los Angeles to Pasadena has an entrance, right next to Hermon Dog Park. The walking/biking path is open most of the year with the exception of rain days, where the runoff from the Salinas River can sometimes be treacherous, with fast-moving water and debris.

Under the bridge entrance to Hermon Dog Park

Hermon Dog Park Entrance Seen Under The Bridge

Hermon Dog Park tends to be quiet – The neighborhood dog owners are mindful and respectful. There is plenty of parking and a unisex bathroom is available, next to the tennis courts. There is an interesting underpass bridge to walk through to get to the dog run areas.

Large & Small Dog Runs
The off-leash areas of this park consist of two runs – one for large and another for small or shy dogs. These areas are fenced in so you can let your pet run free to get exercise and interact with other dogs at the park.

The small dog run is only a portion of the size of the large run, but when you see a couple of small dogs running around in there it seems quite large compared to their size. This area is great for not only small pets but also those that are shy and may not do good with a large crowd in the other run. If your pet happens to be visiting a park for the first time, take them in here first just to get them acquainted with it before introducing them with other dogs.

The large run has numerous benches that are all situated under a large tree. This is ideal during the hot summer months. Not only do owners enjoy the shade, but you’ll often find the dogs in the park crowding up under the tree as well.

Both runs at Hermon Dog Park

Hermon Dog Park – Large & Small Dog Runs

Entrance gate for small and shy dogs at Hermon Park

Small / Shy Dog Area Entrance

Benches at the large dog run under a shady tree

Large Dog Run Benches in Shade

Special Park Features
In both of the fenced runs, you’ll find a large blue drinking fountain for your pet that can be used to access fresh water at any time. There are also bowls here for drinking, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything with you to keep your pooch hydrated, which is very important during a majority of the year here in California.

There are two lost dog boards at Hermon dog park that can be used to make a posting if you lose your pet or if you are trying to find the owner of an animal you have found. As you can see, this is something that happens on a frequent basis so you should really consider a dog gps tracker if you plan to take your pet to public parks.

GPS trackers allow you to find your dog’s location on a smartphone in real-time so you can easily track them down if they do get away from you. With modern technology, these devices are extremely affordable considering the peace of mind they bring.

The second lost dog board at the park will also sometimes contain related services like grooming and walking, although the majority of the notices are often for missing pets. If you work a lot and need someone to take your dogs on regular walks, you may be able to find a reliable person through one of these boards.

Drinking fountains for dogs in Hermon Park

Doggie Drinking Fountains

Hermon Park lost dog posting board

Lost Dog Board #1

Lost dog and services board

Lost Dog Board #2 Also Includes Services

A non-profit organization, Friends of Hermon Dog Park, hosts Yappy Hour on the last Sunday of each month here. You’re welcome to join them to socialize with other dog owners and to share helpful pet info. Their main goal as an organization is to enhance the park for both dogs and their owners.

You’ll also find a waste bag and disposal cleanup area here for your convenience. You can usually find cleanup bags here to use, although it may also be a good idea to carry your own to be on the safe side since it is a Los Angeles law that you must clean up your pet’s waste.

Dogs outside of the runs should be on a leash at all times, but you do have the freedom to walk them around other areas of the park as long as they are leashed. This is excellent if you feel like getting some exercise along with your best friend.

Dog waste bag cleanup station and Dog Fancy award sign

Doggie Cleanup Station

Two dogs walking on a leash outside of the runs at Hermon Park

Dog leash walking at Hermon Park

Sign for the Friends of Hermon Dog Park

Friends of Hermon Dog Park Non-Profit Organization

Make suggestions to Hermon Dog Park

Hermon Dog Park Suggestion Box

Hermon Park Tennis Courts

Hermon Park Tennis Courts

Parking Lot at Hermon Park

Parking Lot at Hermon Park

Kids Playground at Hermon Park

Kids Playground at Hermon Park

Hermon Park Bike Trails

Hermon Park Bike Trails

Outside Entrance to Hermon Dog Park

Outside Entrance to Hermon Dog Park

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