Los Angeles Dog Park Rules & Regulations

Dog Park Rules by L.A. Department of Animal Services

Los Angeles Dog Park Rules

The city of Los Angeles, California has a variety of laws that must be followed to visit dog parks with your pet. It is essential that these rules are followed to ensure the safety of all animals and owners and to keep these places cleaned for our future enjoyment.

The Los Angeles Department of Animals Services can be contacted if you have any questions or need clarification on any of these regulations: (888) 452-7381

Many of these should be common sense that pretty much any dog owner would already follow in the absence of these laws. However, there are a few in particular that any owner could easily violate unknowingly, so they are worth a bit of discussion.

First of all, puppies and aggressive pets are not permitted. In fact, only dogs are allowed at any of the city parks and beaches. If your canine friend is of age, the next thing you need to do is take them to the vet to be vaccinated, spayed / neutered, and get them licensed with the city. You will also need a collar and tag with your contact and home information.

Next, you need to be sure to have a leash that can be restricted to 8 feet or less to keep close control of your pet. You will also need dog waste clean-up bags to pick up after them immediately after they do their ‘business’ on any public property. Some parks will have waste facilities that you can use, but you are still responsible if you need to clean up away from those facilities, so everyone should be prepared for this because it will happen.

Finally, do not bring alcoholic beverages, dog treats, or any other food as they are not allowed at any of these places. If your animal becomes sick with a communicable disease (something that can be transferred to other dogs), please refrain from visiting until they are completely better and cleared by a veterinarian.

L.A. Dog Park Rules & Regulations
  1. Dog defecation is to be immediately removed by owners. LAMC. 53.49
  2. All dogs over the age of four months shall be fully vaccinated and licensed. Dogs must wear collars and tags. LAMC. 53.51, 53.15.3(a) and 53.21
  3. Female dogs in any stage of heat are not permitted in the park. LAMC. 53.29
  4. Dogs must be leashed at all times in the parking area. LAMC. 53.06.2(a)
  5. Vicious animals / dogs are not allowed / permitted in the park. LAMC. 53.34
  6. All dogs must be spayed or neutered. LAMC. 53.15.2
  7. In the event of dog bite or injury, owner / guardian must exchange current tag information and phone number. 398 PC
  8. Abandoning animals is prohibited. 597 PC
  9. Dogs should not be left unattended in a vehicle. 597.7 PC
  10. Alcohol is prohibited. LAMC. 41.27
  11. The Following Dog Park Rules And Regulations Will Now Be Enforced Under

    LAMC. 63.44G
  12. It is the responsibility of each owner to supervise and clean up after his / her dog(s). To ensure a clean and orderly facility, no more than three dogs are allowed per person.
  13. For the health and safety of your puppy, no dogs under the age of four months are allowed to use this facility.
  14. Dogs with communicable diseases are not allowed on park premises at any time.
  15. Dogs only! No animals other than dogs are permitted inside the park.
  16. Absolutely no food or treats are allowed inside the park.
  17. Permits are required for all commercial activities. For permit information, please call (323) 665-1155.
  18. General services police (OPS) can be contacted at (213) 978-4670. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In general, it is a good idea to follow these laws at any dog park. However, these specific rules are for parks maintained by the city of Los Angeles, CA such as Barrington, Griffith, Hermon, Laurel Canyon, Runyon Canyon, Sepulveda Basin, Silverlake and Westminster dog parks.

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