Los Angeles, CA Dog Parks & Beaches

Each of the local parks and beaches in Los Angeles and nearby Long Beach, CA offer different features and many even have their own unique charm that you won’t find anywhere else. There are also places that are frequented by smaller or larger dogs, so some owners may not necessarily want to visit one based on where they live.

LosDogs.com provides you with the inside scoop on each of these parks so you can pick the ones that are best suited for you and your dog. You’ll also be able to find in-depth reviews and pictures of each park and beach covered here so you can truly get a sense of being there before you even visit.

The Parks & Recreation Department of the City of Los Angeles maintains most of these locations and has specific rules that should be followed by anyone visiting these places with their pet. If you are not already familiar with these rules, we have a section of this site dedicated to this topic to help you understand these important laws.

Browse through our listings below to find out more about each location and to view our extensive picture galleries.

Westminster Off-Leash Dog Park in Venice, CA

Just a few blocks away from Venice Beach lies this rustic dog park that offers dedicated parking in an area with few parking spots! While this is certainly not the nicest place and it definitely doesn’t have as many amenities as other parks, it does sit in a very convenient location that is miles from the next closest dog park.

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Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park in Encino, CA

Nice Grassy Areas & Dog Water Fountains

This is one of the largest and nicest dog-friendly, off-leash parks in or near Los Angeles that offers three separate fenced areas – one for big, one for small and another for smaller or timid dogs. While this is a bit of a drive from downtown since it is in Encino, it is well worth the extra travel time for a peaceful adventure. Vaccine clinic and nearby farmers market on Sundays make for a great weekend getaway, and the nearby skate park will even keep your teenage boy entertained.

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Runyon Canyon Dog Park – Los Angeles Views & Off-Leash Hiking Trails

Spectacular City Views from Runyon Canyon Park Hills

If someone that doesn’t live in L.A. or even in California was taking a vacation with their dog and wanted to pick just one park to visit with them, Runyon Canyon is that place! It is not like your ordinary, boring dog park. This is a massive expanse of walking paths and hiking trails nestled in a canyon and on mountain hillsides that is not only dog-friendly but also allows for off-leash usage of most trails. To top it all off, as you ascend, you can see the entire city of Los Angeles stretched out across the landscape that makes for wonderful photographs.

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Redondo Beach Dog Park Offers Lots of Off-Leash Space

This dog park nearby Los Angeles is actually located at Redondo Beach, and it offers very large fenced-in areas for off-leash usage. There are separate runs for large and small pets. You can also find quite a few benches here, although the park seems to be on the young side as many of the shade trees are still quite small and may not offer appropriate coverage.

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Barrington Dog Park – Shade & Many Amenities

Barrington Dog Park in Los Angeles, CA

A modern and well-kept park that has a spacious and shady large dog run. There is also a small run and doggie drinking fountains, as well as many other amenities at the Recreation Center across the road. This is also a great place to go to take leashed walks as there are many sidewalks in the area with a lot of beautiful landscaping.

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Laurel Canyon Dog Park With Amazing Scenery

Beautiful Scenery at Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of this canyon, the first dog park opened in the city of Los Angeles. There are runs here for both large and small dogs, and the large run is absolutely massive – nearly 3 acres. Can be frequented by professional dog walking packs during the weekday days.

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Griffith Dog Park in Los Angeles, CA

Griffith Dog Park in L.A, California

This wonderful place in L.A. is so much more than a dog park. There are tons of other attractions to visit here like the Zoo, Athletic Fields, Trails, Museums, Golf Courses and more. You could easily spend an entire day without leaving this 4,000 acres nestled into the city.

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