Dog Waste Bags: Convenient Clean-Up & Required By Law

Dog owners love their pets, but there is one unavoidable circumstance that nobody loves – cleaning up after dog waste!

Unfortunately, going “#2” is something that your dog will do, likely every single day, for their entire life. Whether you have a fenced-in yard for them to do their business in or if you take them for walks around the neighborhood or in public parks, you will need to do something about it. Some people do simply let it pile up in their yard, but this in unhealthy for both you and your canine friend. If you are on public property, it is likely required by laws in your city that you immediately clean it up.

Waste Clean-Up
There are obviously a few ways that you can go about cleaning up dog waste and each really has both pros and cons. The easiest, most convenient and popular of these methods is actually quite simple. You simply pick it up with a dog waste bag and throw it away. The obvious drawback is that you are picking it up with your hand, which can be uncomfortable for some people. However, if you actually buy some heavy-duty waste bags to use to clean up after your dog, it truly isn’t that bad even for extremely squeamish people.

Other methods that you can use are often only practical around your own home. A lot of people will simply use a garden hose to spray the poop and wash it away, but this really isn’t advised because you’re not actually getting rid of it. In fact, you may just be spreading the fecal matter around to contaminate more areas. A reliable way to take care of the waste without actually feeling it through a bag in your hand is to use a pooper-scooper. This can often just be a dust pan and a small rake, but there are specialty designed sets for dog waste that are not expensive at all.

Dog Waste Bags
Once you take everything into account, the bags really end up being the best way to go. They are really the only option that can truly be used anywhere you’ll be with your dog. You can use them around your house, but then you’ll also be able to use them when you go to local parks and beaches with your pet. They are extremely convenient because they come in little holders that attach to a leash, so you can just pull out a bag whenever they are needed. When you take the other options, you’ll likely still end up needing to buy waste bags for public outings, so it just makes more financial sense to stick with the one option that is flexible and travels.

You could simply use your old grocery bags for clean-up, but nearly everyone that tries this quickly realizes why they have products specifically made for this purpose. The real-thing is much thicker, so you don’t have to really “feel” the poop in your hand. They also offer convenient wings or other ways to tie them up to ensure you don’t get anything on you, which is obviously important for anyone that does this on a regular basis.

While you can find dog waste bags for sale in local retail pet stores, they will be in small quantities. As a result, you will have to buy them frequently and the costs can add up. Some dogs can go a few times a day, which can equal 1,000 bags or more in just a year and well over 10,000 in the lifetime of just a single dog. However, if you purchase them online from a trusted retailer in bulk, you can really get them for a low cost compared with retail stores.